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“The Instigator”

2021 fashion fashionblog heel mule red slide style summer trending trendingshoe

New to the BMS Brand is the trendy mule slide called Instigator.  When you wear the BMS Brand, you are keeping negativity beneath you.  Instigation is truly one of those negative elements we don’t not need in our lives.  Let’s ignore it and put it beneath our stilettos.  

Beneath My Stilettos will always take the higher road, prone to “ignore the negativity”.  This month, ignore the instigators.  You have a plan!  You have a goal!  You have a focus that is unbreakable!  Stride into your destiny and always stay a step ahead.   

Instigators try to deflate your purpose and manipulate those around you.  Don’t fall for it, stand in your stilettos!  Know that the purpose of your destiny is personal affirmation to your existence.   You have control and no one can provoke your destiny but you.


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